About Us

The Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (“PRCUA”) is the oldest Polish American fraternal in America. It was established in 1873 in the spirit of brotherhood to unite and help Polish immigrants. Since then, PRCUA has developed into a dynamic fraternal benefit society, whose insurance policies rank among the best offered anywhere. Today, PRCUA performs religious, charitable, educational and civic work on behalf of its members and the Polish American Community.

PRCUA is people-oriented. Members can participate in the activities of the Society which they join when they purchase insurance from PRCUA. Through these activities, and other cultural and sports programs, PRCUA actively encourages its members to be good Americans, good Poles, and good Catholics.

Through its local societies, PRCUA is committed to strengthening and preserving spiritual values, patriotic zeal, its ethnic culture, heritage, and fostering of cultural relations between the United States of America and Poland.

Individual members are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in fraternal activities which will benefit its members and the American community. Within the spirit of its motto, “for God and country,” religious and patriotic observances are stressed and scheduled throughout the year. The society encourages good citizenship and loyalty to the United States of America.

PRCUA offers our members:


PRCUA offers low cost Life Insurance and Annuity programs which are designed to fit your budget and needs. We can offer you plans which provide a death benefit only or plans which can provide a supplemental income during retirement years.

We offer outstanding term and whole life insurance, combination of both, and IRA and non-qualified annuities-all depending on your needs. We have policies which can be paid with ONE SINGLE premium, and policies with a limited payment option.

Compared with most any other company, you will find our insurance and annuity rates are very competitive.


PRCUA provides and coordinates various activities for the adult, junior, and children’s groups, such as folk dancing, singing language classes, crafts, and youth festivals which help to perpetuate customs and traditions of Poland. PRCUA is the principal patron of the Polish Museum of America, the largest ethnic museum in America. Its facilities have gained international fame. Students and researchers from universities, colleges, and U. S. and foreign countries utilize its priceless archives and 90,000 volume library. It supports young artists and authors by exhibiting their works and encouraging their publications. The society aids and gives recognition to prominent Americans of Polish descent in the fields of science, theater, professions, radio, television, sculpture, literary, and paintings.


PRCUA offers financial aid in the form of educational loans and student scholarships to its members who are attending an accredited college. There is no interest charged on these loans for the time the student is in school. One of our members stated:

“PRCUA’s generous financial support helped me to obtain both my B.A. in economics and J.D. from the University of Michigan. PRCUA has been very supportive of students like myself and I hope the educational support campaign continues. I will continue to make PRCUA my first choice for life insurance and mortgages. Thank you …”- G.S.


PRCUA offers our members residential mortgage loans.


The Naród Polski is the official publication of the PRCUA. It is published monthly in both paper and electronic format. Each issue provides fraternal news and event coverage for PRCUA as well as local and worldwide news of interest to the Polish American community. The Naród Polski contains a variety of articles presented in English and Polish.


Through the fraternal department, bowling, basketball, softball, and golf tournaments are conducted on a national level, in which members from PRCUA societies throughout the country vie for championships. Local PRCUA lodge societies sponsor their own sports activities. Many members in local societies also participate in tennis, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, and other popular athletic activities.

PRCUA is duly licensed in the United States of America in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.