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PRCUA at Navy Pier’s “Celebrate Poland”

The PRCUA was present at the second annual PACC  “Celebrate Poland” event in Navy Pier’s Crystal Gardens on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

A beautiful, sunny and spring-like day proved to be the perfect setting at the Crystal Gardens for all to enjoy various vendors, fashion shows and performances throughout the early afternoon. Among those performing were PRCUA’s Wesoły Lud and Polonia Ensemble. The PRCUA also was present as a vendor, distributing information about our events and products.

It was wonderful to meet some current and future members while enjoying all this event had to offer. We will see you next year!


Congratulations Winners of the PRCUA Polish American Heritage Month Coloring Contest!

Congratulations Winners of the PRCUA Polish American Heritage Month Coloring Contest!

Age Group 3-5 Winners:
1st Place   –   Julia Zalinski, age 5. Julia is in Kindergarten and is a member of Southwest Center of Polish Dancing and Society #1634.

2nd Place    –   Kaius Ott, age 5. Kaius is in Kindergarten and is a member of Zajaczek and Society #1618.


Age Group 6-8 Winners:
1st Place   –   Gianna Cislo, age 8. Gianna is in Third Grade and is a member of Southwest Center of Polish Dancing and Society #1622.


2nd Place    –    Zofia Kuzmiuk, age 8. Zofia is in Second Grade and is a member of Southwest Center of Polish Dancing and Society #1634.


Age Group 9-11 Winners:
1st Place    –     Aleksandra Wozniak, age 11. Aleksandra is in Sixth Grade and is a member of Southwest Center of Polish Dancing and Society #1634.


2nd Place    –    Claire Mazurkiewicz, age 11. Claire is in Sixth Grade and is a member Polskie Maki and Society #1593.


Age Group 12-15 Winners:
1st Place       –       Isabel Pierzynowski, age 14. Isabel is a Freshman in high school and is a member of Tatry and Society #1413.


2nd Place         –       Marianna Osentoski, age 15. Marianna is a Sophomore in high school and is a member of Gwiazda and Society #261.


Special Education Winner     –      Nick Chesney, age 15. Nick is a Freshman in high school and a member of Gymnastics and Society #162.


Age Group 16-18 Winners:
1st Place      –      Megan Milot, age 16. Megan is a Junior in high school and a member of Opole and Society #1593.


2nd Place       –       Jillian Jaczkowski, age 17. Jillian is a Senior in high school and a member of Zajaczek and Society #1618.


Congratulations to all our finalists and a big thank you to all participants! It was a pleasure to see your creativity and skill!

PRCUA 2016 October Polish Heritage Month Coloring Contest

Click here for the coloring page.

This contest is open to PRCUA Members from ages 3 to 18 years old. Use crayons, pencils, markers, or paint (no fabric, sequins, or glitter, etc.)
Age categories: 3-5 years; 6-8 years; 9-11 years; 12-15 years and 16-18 years.
1st and 2nd Place prizes will be awarded in each age category. Prizes are age appropriate and include a certificate of achievement.

Mail to: PRCUA Coloring Contest
984 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

2016 Polish Heritage Night with the White Sox

The 2016 Polish Heritage Night with the White Sox took place on June 28, 2016. Although the White Sox lost to the Twins, it was a wonderful evening spent with fellow PRCUA members and others celebrating Polish Heritage!

The beautiful weather was a plus while everyone enjoyed performances by PRCUA’s Wesoly Lud, the camaraderie and game.

A big thanks to all who participated!

60th Anniversary of the PRCUA Wieliczka Dancers

Redford, MI – The Wieliczka Dance Ensemble, originally known as the Westside Dancers, was founded in the fall of 1955 by dedicated PRCUA leaders Maria Siwula, Joseph A. Drobot, Sr., and Shirley Hojnacki Galanty. As the first PRCUA dance school in Michigan, the mission of the school was to instill in our youth pride and knowledge of our Polish heritage, together with its many beautiful customs and traditions. Sixty years later, that mission remains steady and was evident by the number of family, friends, and PRCUA dignitaries who were in attendance.

Wieliczka Dance Ensemble’s 60th Anniversary Recital was held on April 30 in Redford, MI. The afternoon started with Kristi Mihalic, School Director, introducing the PRCUA dignitaries in attendance: National President Joseph Drobot Jr. and his wife, Judy; National Directors of District #10 Thomas Lisieski and Collen Bonkowski; Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales Ted Klamerus and his wife, Sally; Sw. Jadwiga Society #1552 Vice President Laurie Macek-Carver; and St. John the Baptist Society #87 Trustees Dorothy Ford and Joseph Mihalic. Also in attendance from the PNA were Michigan State Commissioner Tom Schemanski and Region E Fraternal

Director Stella Sczezny. Joelle Sanders started the program by leading the Ensemble and guests in the singing of the American and Polish National Anthems. Alumni Janet Kozakiewicz, Mary Skirnit, Theresa Staples, Brittany Broda, Melissa Dunn, and Alex Zelek started the dance performances with a beautiful Polonez. They later performed the Krakowiak and also danced in the Finale Polka.

Group Four dancers Taylor Gessner, Anna Napiewocki, Joelle Sanders, Alicia Sulkowski, Kristin Mihalic, Lena Zielke, Michael Mihalic, and Sophie Zelek performed a Polonez, a Lubelski Suit, a dance from the Spisz region, the Polka Warszawska, a Krakowiak and the Finale Polka. All dances were beautifully choreographed by Wspolnota Polska Choreography School graduate Tommy Schemanski. Group Three dancers Breanna Kinsey, Ellie Gessner, Prayer Drane-Kozakiewicz, Shawn Kinsey, Carter Zielke, Emily Zielke, Dianna Johnson, and Krysta Logie performed a Kaszuby Suite, a Beskid Suite, the Zywiec and the Finale Polka, also choreographed by Tommy Schemanski.

Wspolnota Polska Choreography School graduate Kasia Schemanski, beautifully choreographed Group Two dancers Lillia Zelek, Vanessa Kinsey, Darien Drane-Kozakiewicz, Lily Newvine, Joe Sanders Jr. and Olivia Drane-Kozakiewicz. Group Two performed a dance from the Kurpie region, a dance from the Cieszyn region, a Polka and the Finale Polka. Siblings Kasia Schemanski and Tommy Schemanski have been the choreography team for the Wieliczka Dance Ensemble for the past six years. They choreographed and flawlessly performed an Opoczno Duet.

Congratulatory remarks were given by PRCUA National Directors Thomas Lisiecki, Collen Bonkowski, and PNA Region E Fraternal Director Stella Szczesny. PRCUA National Vice President Micheline Jaminski also offered congratulations and best wishes in a letter to the Dance Ensemble. The recital culminated with an awards presentation in which President Drobot congratulated the Wieliczka Dance Ensemble on 60 years of a job well done. He personally recalled memories of Maria Siwula, commenting on her strong leadership skills; his father, Joe Drobot, Sr., and how he always held the PRCUA close to his heart; and Past National Director Shirley Ann Galanty – the wonderful, enthusiastic, and dedicated individual who we affectionately remember as “Mrs. G.” Mr. Drobot paid tribute to these founders and to all the hard working volunteers, directors, choreographers, and dancers who have followed in their footsteps. On behalf of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, he presented the Wieliczka Dance Ensemble with a plaque in recognition of the 60th Anniversary, which was accepted by Dance School Director Kristi Mihalic. The afternoon ended with a delicious dinner and a great time was had by all.

Submitted by:
Kristi Mihalic

Photo credits:
Rafal Nowakowski
Telewizja Detroit

A day celebrating Polish Heritage in Lemont!

The 12th Annual Polish Heritage Day in Lemont took place on Sunday, February 14th. Festivities were held in Father Gilewski Center at SS Cyril & Methodius Parish in Lemont. This year’s theme was – 1050th Anniversary of Christianity in Poland.

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