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Join PRCUA at Summer Festivals!

August 10-12              Festival Polonaise – Golf Mill Parking Lot, Niles, IL

August 26                    Polvision and 1030 AM Picnic – Stone Park, IL

August 31-
September 3                Taste of Polonia – Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL

September 16              Polish Fest, Michigan City, IN

Bon Voyage – 10th International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles!

Mid July 2018, PRCUA Vice President Micheline Jaminski will be traveling to Iwonicz Zdrój, Poland, as the guest of the Rzeszów Branch of Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Polska, the organizers of the 10th International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles. She will be joined by Richard Jaminski, and the two children’s groups of which he is the Artistic Director and Choreographer – Wesoły Ludek of the PRCUA Southwest Center of Polish Song and Dance and PRCUA Polanie Dancers of the St. John Paul II Polish School – for both of which this will be the 5th such festival.

Joining these groups for this adventure are: Polonia Ensemble of Chicago (participating for the 3rd time) and – for the FIRST TIME – from Michigan: Halka-Zajączek Dancers (Detroit), Gwiazda (Hamtramck) and Opole (Warren). Total dancers and staff (not including parents): 145 – reminiscent of PRCUA’s 145th Anniversary! Upcoming issues of the Naród Polski, posts on our website and social media will include the reflections of many who will be experiencing the Iwonicz Zdrój Festival or even Poland for the first time! BON VOYAGE!

Don’t forget the PRCUA Family Picnic!

The 4th Annual PRCUA Family Picnic and Outdoor Mass will take place Sunday, June 24, 2018, hosted by D-7-8-9. Join us at PACF Grove, 18600 E. Glenwood-Thornton Rd., Glenwood, IL. The Mass will take place at noon and the picnic will run until 6 p.m.

Join us for music, refreshments, games, and more! Bring your own food or purchase food on site!

Call the Fraternal Department for more information at 773-782-2636.

May 3rd Constitution Day Parade

May 3rd marks the adoption of the Constitution of May 3, 1791 by the parliament of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This document served as a monumental milestone for the growth of democracy and equality of classes.

According to British historian, Norman Davies, it “was the first constitution of its type in Europe.” It sought to replace a growing anarchy with a democratic constitutional monarchy, which would remove the disproportionate rights between nobility and townspeople.

Though May 3rd was declared a national holiday in 1791, it was not always possible to celebrate the occasion due to partitions and wars. The holiday was reinstated in 1919 following Poland’s independence. When WWII broke out, it was outlawed again. In 1945, it was spontaneously celebrated again just once before it was removed from the communist approved list of holidays. From then until the holidays restoration, May 3rd was often an occasion for anti-government and anti-communist protests. The holiday was finally reinstated as an official Polish holiday in 1990 after the fall of communism.

Today, Polonia in Chicago joins Poland in celebration with the May 3rd Constitution Day Parade. This year, the parade took place on May 5th, beginning at the northwest corner of Grant Park. A sea of red and white moved down Columbus Dr. as hundreds of Polish Americans came out to celebrate their heritage and independence. The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect day to enjoy a parade and celebrate freedom.




Lenten Recipes

Lent in Poland is a solemn observance filled with fasting and prayer. One of the fasts observed  is abstinence from meat on Fridays.

This time of focused religious adherence served two purposes. First, they help Christians prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. Second, it sharpens their focus on Christ and encourages them to cut earthly ties (such as sweets, TV, social media, etc.) and align their lives to His teachings.

Though this is a time of fasting and abstinence, it does not mean that Christians must live on fish sticks and tuna casserole. PRCUA has compiled some traditional Polish dishes that are meatless as well as delicious in that can be enjoyed during your Lenten fasts this year.

This week we are featuring mushroom recipes!

Check in next week to find some traditional Polish fish recipes!

Troy, MI – 11th Annual Polish Folk Dance Festival

The American Polish Cultural Society would like to invite you to attend the 11th Annual Polish Folk Dance Festival on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the center. Ten dance ensembles will be performing national and regional dances and songs. Numerous PRCUA ensembles will be performing.

For more information, call the American Polish Cultural Center at (248) 689-3636 or check out their Facebook page HERE.

2017 Coloring Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our coloring contest participants! This year saw 185 participants, each with a lively, colorful interpretation of Lech and the White Eagle. The entries were judged anonymously by the PRCUA Home Office Staff.

This years winners were:
Katarzyna Lucas (1st Place for ages 3-5)
Mia Prusaczyk (2nd Place for ages 3-5)
Helena Lucas (Tied for 1st Place for ages 6-8)
Jan Klepacki (Tied for 1st Place for ages 6-8)
Izabela Jankech ( 2nd Place for ages 6-8)
Aleksandra Wozniak (1st Place for ages 9-12)
Evelyn Matson (2nd Place for ages 9-12)
Brendan Lubiarz (1st Place for ages 13-15)
Elise Lubiarz (2nd Place for ages 13-15)
Laurain Matson (1st Place for ages 15-18)
Joey Smigiel ( 2nd Place for ages 15-18)

Thank you to all our talented artists! We look forward to seeing your entries next year.

1st Place for the 3-5 Category – Katarzyna Lucas

2nd Place for the 3-5 Category – Mia Prusaczyk

Tied for 1st Place for the 6-8 Category – Helena Lucas

Tied for 1st Place for the 6-8 Category – Jan Klepacki

2nd Place for the 6-8 Category  – Izabela Janech

1st Place for the 9-12 Category – Aleksandra Wozniak

2nd Place for the 9-12 Category – Evelyn Matson

1st Place for the 13-15 Category – Brandon Lubiarz

2nd Place for the 13-15 Category  –  Elise Lubiarz

1st Place for the 15-18 Category  –  Laurain Matson

2nd Place for the 15-18 Category  –  Joey Smigiel

Congratulations again to our artists on a job well done!

2017 October Polish Heritage Month Coloring Contest

September is upon us and it is time to kick-off the 2017 October Polish Heritage Month Coloring Contest!

This year, we have to pictures to match our wide age range. If the young artist is between the ages of 3-12 CLICK HERE to download the following image.

If the participating artist is between the ages of 13-18, CLICK HERE to download the following image.

To print either coloring page you will need legal size paper (8.5″ x 14″). If you do not have access to legal sized paper, please call the Home Office (773) 782-2636 and we will be happy to mail you coloring pages.

The following rules apply.

This Coloring Contest is open to PRCUA members from 3-18 years old. Use crayons, pencils, markers, or paint. No fabric, sequins, or glitter permitted. Age categories: 3-5 years, 6-9 years, 10-12 years, 13-15 years, and 16 -18 years. 1st & 2nd Place prizes will be awarded in each category. Prizes are age-appropriate and include a certificate of achievement.

DEADLINE: Entries must be received at the Home Office by Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

Mail to:

PRCUA Coloring Contest
984 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642-4101

Or Email scanned image to:

Please Print:

NAME: _________________________________________  AGE: ______  SOCIETY #:_________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________

CITY:_____________________________  STATE: ____________  ZIP:____________ GRADE: __________

If you are a current student, name of language or dance school:



Sponsored by the Fraternal Department of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America

Wine and Canvas at PRCUA

The PRCUA hosted it’s third Wine and Canvas event on Thursday, August 24th with close to 20 participants! Utilizing the newly renovated PRCUA Hall, participants learned together as the Wine and Canvas instructor gave direction and suggestions in painting the evening’s piece – African Safari. A very colorful result, which included fun and relaxation for all.

We thank all participants and we hope to see you at the next PRCUA event!

2017 Polish Heritage Night with the White Sox

This year’s Polish Heritage Night with the White Sox took place on Tuesday, June 27 at Guaranteed Rate Field.It was a wonderful evening to celebrate being Polish American, additionally so since the White Sox won 4:3 with the New York Yankees!

The beautiful weather was a plus, while everyone enjoyed the performances by PRCUA’s Wesoly Lud and the camaraderie, as well as the game. A big thanks to all who participated!