Gift of Life from Grandma and Grandpa!

By Agnieszka Bastrzyk, PRCUA Secretary -Treasurer 

A safer future

As a grandparent, you can help ensure that the grandchildren who mean so much to you will enjoy practical insurance benefits that can be a big help to them later in life.

Insurance: a caring and thoughtful gift for your grandchild

Like most grandparents, you probably enjoy buying your grandchildren gifts. But toys and other presents can only bring short term happiness. Why not consider a gift that can give your grandchildren an advantage for life and leave your legacy?

Help provide a lifetime of security with PRCUA permanent insurance

For less than it costs to buy a few toys a year, you could give your grandchild a much more heartfelt and long-lasting gift. Giving grandchildren a whole life insurance policy from the PRCUA is an affordable way to help protect their future security.

When you buy your grandchildren life insurance, you are giving them a powerful head start on their future. With whole life insurance, your grandchildren can receive lifelong protection regardless of any future changes in their health, hobbies, occupation, or any other situation that could prevent coverage from being approved. As long as premiums are paid, PRCUA’s whole life insurance policies also build “cash value” that your grandchild can borrow from or cash in if future circumstances dictate.

Purchase while premiums are low; Adult-size coverage with child-size premiums

Believe it or not, this gift of financial security can cost as little as $1 a day! That’s because your grandchild is eligible for low childhood premiums. Because premiums are based on your grandchild’s age at the time you submit your application, the sooner you apply, the lower the rates will be. You can start your grandchild with a whole life policy and lock in a low childhood premium that will never increase. Parents, grandparents, and permanent legal guardians may apply.

Purchasing this caring and lasting gift is easy

As a grandparent, you can apply for this gift yourself. There are only a few simple questions to answer to request a free, no-obligation quote. After approval, you’ll receive all the information you need to decide if a PRCUA permanent insurance certificate would make an important contribution toward your grandchild’s future security.

145 years of PRCUA history

As the oldest Polish organization in the United States, the PRCUA has been serving its membership since 1873, helping grandparents just like you provide the loving gift of whole life. Once you purchase whole life insurance for your grandchild, they immediately become a member of PRCUA with access to our member benefits, such as ability to participate in local Polish language or dance schools, sports tournaments, educational scholarships and loans, and much more!

Learn more about the ways that a whole life certificate through the PRCUA can give your child an advantage for a lifetime.

Sample quotes for a 5 Year Limited Pay Whole Life certificate:

A variety of plans and insurance amounts for children and adults are available for every budget!
Ask about the PRCUA Family Plus Plan and possible 10% off premiums.

Contact us today to receive a quote for your grandchild! 1-800-772-8632 ext. 2631 or 2632.

Feel good knowing that you have helped secure their future.

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