2012 Naród Polski Publications

The Naród Polski is our official free publication containing fraternal news and event coverage for the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America as well as local and worldwide news of interest to the Polish American community. A variety of articles are presented in English and Polish.

As part of our green strategy, the PRCUA offers digital versions of the Naród Polski publication in a graphical, highly readable, and environmentally friendly non-tree-based PDF format.

We are encouraging all current and new subscribers to the Naród Polski to subscribe to the digital version of the publication online, instead of receiving the paper version in the mail. By choosing to view the Naród Polski online, you will help our fraternal organization to not only save on printing and postage costs, but also to help save the world’s forests which play an important part in keeping our environment clean and sustainable.

2012 Naród Polski Publications

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