This year, the PRCUA Fraternal Department received nearly 300 entries for its Polish American Heritage Month Coloring Contest. This was a record number of entries submitted for the contest, which was open to all members from ages 3 to 18 years. Three winners in six age categories were selected during a blind judging by PRCUA Home Office employees. There were many beautiful entries, and our staff had some difficulty in choosing their favorites!

For the Polish-American Heritage Month Coloring Contest this October, we highlighted the current COVID-19 pandemic as our topic, in the hope of shedding a positive and uplifting light on it. The contest image shows the earth wearing the mask that has become the symbol of the pandemic. Representing the western hemisphere, there is a panorama of Chicago—the metropolis with the largest Polish population in America—and from the eastern hemisphere, Warszawa—the capital of Poland and sister city of Chicago.

Entrants were asked to color the picture in the spirit of a better tomorrow, choosing the patriotic colors of the Polish and American flags, or the hopeful colors of the rainbow – anything that would show our optimism of a brighter future as we navigate this difficult year together!

We wish to thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!
We especially recognize Elise Lubiarz of Warren, Michigan, who was our grand prize winner, and whose design is featured on this year’s PRCUA Christmas card.

Winners are featured in the December edition of the Naród Polski newspaper. Click here to view the digital edition.
(Scroll down for gallery of winning designs)

 NameAgePRCUA SchoolSociety #
3-4 Year Olds
1st PlaceElizabetta "Ella" Krivickas4St. Rafael Kalinowski Polish School693
2nd PlaceAnthony Zarnowski4St. Rafael Kalinowski Polish School693
3rd PlaceMary Lackaye4Zajączek Dance Ensemble1618
5-6 Year Olds
1st PlaceAnna Knurowski
6Stanisław Cholewiński Polish School
2nd PlaceNora Glaeser
6Zajączek Dance Ensemble1618
3rd PlaceAniela LaLinsky
6Rogalin Dance Troupe162
7-9 Year Olds
1st PlaceAleks Bastrzyk91219
2nd PlaceOlivia Wlodarczyk9St. Rafael Kalinowski Polish School693
3rd PlaceSofia Schifano9St. John Paul II Polish School1622
10-12 Year Olds
1st PlaceDominica Zyskowska
12St. John Paul II Polish School1597
2nd PlaceHelena Lucas
10Zajączek Dance Ensemble1593
3rd PlaceJessica Slon
11St. Rafael Kalinowski Polish School693
13-15 Year Olds
1st PlaceAleksandra Wozniak
15Maria Konopnicka Polish School, Wesoły Lud Dancers
2nd PlaceMeredith Bayus14Zajączek Dance Ensemble1618
3rd PlaceBeata Knurowski
14Stanisław Cholewiński Polish School
16-18 Year Olds
1st Place (tie)
Grand Prize Winner
Elise Lubiarz
17Tatry Dance School1413
1st Place (tie)Karolina Gornikowski
16St. John Paul II Polish School1636
1st Place (tie)Camillia Matyszewski17Opole Dancers1593
2nd PlaceTessa McKnee
16Halka Dancers1618
Honorable Mentions
5-6 Year OldsVeronika Baczynski6St. John Paul II Polish School
7-9 Year OldsLucas Bukowski8Zbigniew Herbert Polish School
Alan Lojko8Zbigniew Herbert Polish School
Juliana Zagata8Jan Karski Polish School
10-12 Year OldsDanuta Knurowski11Stanisław Cholewiński Polish School
Zofia Skobel10Jan Karski Polish School
Anna Stoch12Zbigniew Herbert Polish School