An elegant tradition continued this weekend as graduates of Michigan’s PRCUA dance schools gathered for the 2022 Shirley Ann Galanty Michigan State Ball. This year saw the celebration of 14 talented young people:

Halka Dancers (Detroit, MI)
Tessa Marie McKnee
Lauren Elizabeth Palencik
Skyler Rosemarie Siecinski

Opole Dance School (Warren, MI)
Brianna Nicole Chunn
Isabella Rae Zosel

Polskie Maki Dance School (Warren, MI)
Layna Diane Levock
Clarissa Marie Magiera
Abygail Mae Rebeaud

Rogalin Dance Troupe (Wyandotte, MI)
Angelina Grace Hamblin
Antonio Kenneth Johnson
Lauren Sophie Schulte

Wieliczka Dance Ensemble (Redford, MI)
Makenna Marie Burden
Prayer Drane-Kozakiewicz
Shawn Anthony Kinsey

The ball was attended by PRCUA National President James Robaczewski and Vice President Micheline Jaminski, who honored Lisa Brandt with a special plaque in recognition of her 5th anniversary as a school director of the Rogalin Dance Troupe and Michelle DeBeck on her 5th anniversary as a dance instructor with the Malbork Dance Group. The Malbork Dance Group was also recognized on its 5th anniversary.

One of the highlights of the evening was the drawing of the scholarship winners:

PRCUA Fraternal Scholarship:  Layna Levock and Brianna Chunn
Michigan Women’s Division Scholarship: Angelina Hamblin and Clarissa Magiera
Irene Dewicki Memorial: Tessa McKnee and Antonio Johnson

This year, the Michigan State Ball graduates presented the PRCUA with a $250 contribution to our Educational Scholarship Fund, a $250 contribution to the Polish Museum of America and a donation for St. Albertus Church.

The participants of the ball welcomed special guest Mateusz Naslonski – Press, Media and Public Relations Advisor to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to all graduates, teachers, directors and organizers on your beautiful event!