The PRCUA 6th National Volleyball Tournament took place on October 13-14, 2023, at the Greg Grant Sportsplex in Shelby Township, Michigan. 60 players competed on 12 teams of the men’s, women’s and coed divisions. The event was hosted by the PRCUA Zajaczek Dance Ensemble (Colleen Bonkowski, Manager and Tournament Chair).

Meet our 2023 Volleyball Champions:

Coed Champions: Block Party
Women Champions: A Tam
Men Champions: Southside Polish Boys

Coed MVP: Andres Sanches-Garcia
Women MVP:  Sabina Sawicki
Men MVP: Wiktor Kuzmiuk

Coed Allstars:
St. Rita’s Order on the Court         Darcy Malavolti
Southside Polish Strikers              Karolina Mikulec
Block Part                                      Kasey Straub
Urban Legends                              Mary Jo Vanderbrink
Zakopane                                      Stacy Malinowski

Women Allstars:
A-Tam                                            Elizabeth Tokarski
St. Rita’s Serves You Right            Cora Kujawski
St. Rita’s Ball Up                            Jessie Sanchez
Southside Stars                              Wiesia Wildhirt

Men Allstars:
St. Rita’s Hard Hitters                                 Robert Baker
St. Rita’s Set-say and We Know It               Andres Sanchez-Garcia
Southside Polish Boys     `                          David Wildhirt


Congratulations to the winners, participants and organizers! 

See you next year!