The 89th National PRCUA Basketball Tournament hosted by Society #718 has concluded, and the final scores are in!
The tournament began with PRCUA Vice President Micheline Jaminski kicking off the game with a ceremonial tip-off. We had players from all across the US including Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin participating in the tournament.
Congratulations to all the teams for their hard-fought battles and sportsmanship.
  • St. Stan’s Red
  • St. Stan’s White
  • St. Stan’s Orange
  • St. Stan’s Blue
  • St. Rita’s Blazers
  • Wawel Dragons
  • East Chicago Task Force
  • St. Rita’s Blazers
  • St. Stan’s Boomba Boys
  • PRCU 162
The winners of the 89th National PRCUA Basketball Tournament were:
Men’s Open Division
PRCU 162 beat East Chicago Task Force 53 to 41
Men’s 50+ Division
St Stan’s Orange vs St. Stan’s Blue 10-6.
Thank you to all for helping to make the tournament a huge success!