Dear PRCUA Members and Friends!

We wish you a Happy and Healthy 2023! One more year has passed and we one year older and wiser. We have faced many challenges over the past year and have either accepted them or overcame them.  This is what human beings do and that is who we are. We still see a world divided into extremes.  Our world leaders pointing fingers and placing blame, instead of compromise and teamwork. Hopefully, in the coming year there is more cooperation among everyone to allow us to bring peace and happiness to the world. As we progress into the upcoming year, we ask for health and happiness for everyone. Make a resolution to relax, take a step back and enjoy the world around us.  As we do this, it may allow us to work on being more tolerant of each other and understand that everyone has a different prospective on life. Remember to be proud of your heritage and instill that in your children, their children and their children. With your support and membership in the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, you help ensure that our culture will continue to thrive through Polish language and dance schools as well as the other cultural and fraternal events we sponsor throughout the year.

On behalf of the officers, directors and staff of the PRCUA, I wish you a happy and fruitful New Year!

Remember, get involved, stay involved and get others involved!

Fraternally yours,

James Robaczewski