Annual Opłatek at PRCUA District 9 in Indiana

On Sunday, December 2, 2018,  PRCUA members from District 9 met at the traditional Opłatek. The event was held at Casa Maria in Dyer, Indiana by District Director Elizabeth Sadus and St.Raphael Kalinowski School. Over 200 guests along with the new National Officers James Robaczewski, Micheline Jaminski and Agnes Bastrzyk, gathered to celebrate the Polish tradition which is to share the Opłatek called “Bread of Love” and exchange well wishes for Christmas and the coming year. After lunch, the parents and dancers from “Mała Polska,” students of Kalinowski Polish language school dressed in traditional folk costumes and invited the guests for their Christmas Performance picturing the Birth of Jesus in the Stajenka. The choreography to the beautiful Christmas story, songs and carols was prepared by Agata Wilgocki. At the end of the Opłatek gathering, there was an unexpected Santa visit which included gifts. The afternoon was full of joy and excitement. Thank you to District 9 for hosting this event and all participants! For more pictures from the event please visit our website Gallery and social media.



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