How much money can you potentially have in 37 years with only a $500 deposit and $50 monthly contributions? Let’s do some Annuity Math with PRCUA.

Since June is Annuity Awareness Month, PRCUA wants our members to understand all the benefits that an Annuity product can provide. Let’s start with the basics: what is an Annuity?

An Annuity is a retirement product that offers a form of financial security that can aid in the retirement planning process.

Let’s suppose that at 30 years old you deposit the minimum $500 in our Elite 150k 8-year annuity series with a 7.00% APY in the first year guaranteed.* Following your initial $500 deposit you’ll make monthly contributions of $50 until reaching the retirement age of 67.

The possible future value of annuity with monthly contributions is $41,779.46 

Secure your future with Annuity 150k Annuity Series!

• Financial security
• Long term growth
• Fixed guaranteed APY
• Funds grow tax-deferred
• 10% annual free withdrawal
• No maintenance fees
Variety of annuity types offered

Disclaimer: The following graphic displays the Elite 150K 8-year potential return on retirement product providing that there’s no modifications or withdrawals from the account and only $50 monthly contributions is made. Higher contributions are allowed. Positive market condition can increase account values. This is meant as a sample illustration. The Polish Roman Catholic Union of America and its representatives are not authorized to give tax or accounting advice. Consult an independent advisor for legal, financial or tax advice.