One thought on “Congratulations to Our Scholarship Recipients!

  1. Agatha Grabowski

    To Whomever it May Concern,
    I am honored to be one of the recipients of the PRCUA Scholarship Grant. This scholarship will help me earn credentials in Fine Arts which requires lot of hard work in practicing my technique and skills. Many people overlook artists and always think their is nothing out there, but I am determined to make a change and strive for my goals.
    Before entering for this scholarship grant, I had no idea that I would have a chance of winning. Once I found out I was one of the recipients for this grant, it inspired me to work harder. Many young students can’t go to college or start their career. I am beyond appreciative for this and will use it towards my degree. This will inspire me to help those who struggle with school and their career path. I hope one day to give back to those who want to be successful just like how PRCUA does. These scholarships have a huge impact on students and I personally couldn’t thank you enough. Thank you once again PRCUA, I am internally grateful and blessed.
    Agatha Grabowski


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