This year, the PRCUA Fraternal Department received nearly 200 entries for its Polish American Heritage Month Coloring Contest, which was open to all members from ages 3 to 18 years. Three winners in six age categories were selected during a blind judging by PRCUA Home Office employees. There were many beautiful entries, and our staff had some difficulty in choosing their favorites!

For the Polish-American Heritage Month Coloring Contest this October, we celebrated the beatification of Poland’s Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński. Cardinal Wyszyński was a priest, professor, social activist, patriot and great statesman who dedicated his whole life to God and his homeland.As the leader of the Polish Church for nearly 30 years, he fought against communism and was a defender of freedom of conscience and the holiness of the Church. He oversaw a nine-year program of preparation culminating in a nationwide celebration of the millennium of Poland’s baptism in 1966, thus earning the title, “Primate of the Millennium.”

This year’s image is based on a commemorative coin issued in Poland in 2001 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cardinal Wyszyński’s birth. In the background we see the outline of the Saint John’s Archcathedral in Warsaw.
Embellishing the top of the image are a variety of clematis flowers named after the cardinal that are notable for their dark magenta color, often referred to as cardinal red.

We wish to thank all the participants and congratulate the winners, whose winning entries are featured
in the December edition of the Naród Polski newspaper. Click here to view the digital edition.
(Scroll down for gallery of winning designs)

2021 Coloring Contest Winners

 NameAgePRCUA School/GroupSociety
3-4 Year Olds
1st PlaceLucas Urbina4Zajączek Dance School1618
2nd PlaceMadelyn Urbina2.5Zajączek Dance School1618
3rd PlaceNicholas "Anthony" Kasperek4Zajączek Dance School1618
3rd PlaceKasper Otworowski4Kalinowski Polish School693
5-6 Year Olds
1st PlaceJulia Gasienica6St. John Paul II Polish School1597
2nd PlaceNatalia Lucas6Zajączek Dance School1593
3rd PlaceAbby Szpak6Kalinowski Polish School693
7-9 Year Olds
1st PlaceNatalia Bastrzyk9Society 12191219
2nd PlaceGwenyth Voss8Zajączek Dance School1593
3rd PlaceAmelia Hypta8Kalinowski Polish School693
3rd PlaceKacper Buksa9Kalinowski Polish School693
10-12 Year Olds
1st PlaceKevin Otworowski11Kalinowski Polish School693
2nd PlaceRiley Courtney11Zajączek Dance School1618
3rd PlaceDavid Dudzik10Kalinowski Polish School693
13-15 Year Olds
1st PlaceKarolina Kroplewski13Southwest Center/Konopnicka Polish School1634
2nd PlaceJenna Jablonski13Zajączek Dance School1618
3rd PlaceKyle Otworowski13Kalinowski Polish School693
16-18 Year Olds
1st PlaceEvelyn Matson16Kalinowski Polish School693
2nd PlaceKian Desmond17Zajączek Dance School1618
3rd PlaceAleksandra Wozniak16Konopnicka Polish School1634
Honorable Mention (10-12 Year Olds)Kevin Pieprzak11Cholewinski Polish School