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Announcing a PRCUA Youth & Young Adult Essay Contest!

Every organization, including the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, needs to focus on reaching the next generation. If we do not, it is likely we will not, and even more likely that we will eventually cease to exist.

It is the youth and young adults who will lead us into the future.

It is necessary for the health of the PRCUA and society as a whole for us to reach out to younger members, to teach them about our organization and to get them actively involved in the life of the PRCUA.  We must involve them in our plans for the future.

At each PRCUA Convention, the Youth Committee presents a report to the delegates, offering advice on how this can be accomplished. In the past, many of their ideas have been adopted.

One of the recommendations of the 61st PRCUA Quadrennial Convention Youth/Young Adult Committee was to have an essay contest on the subject before the 62nd Convention.

The Youth Committee, headed by the PRCUA’s National Director, Elizabeth Sadus of District #9, is inviting all PRCUA members between the ages of 16 to 35 years to participate in the 62nd PRCUA Quadrennial Convention Essay Contest.

We want to hear your opinions, new ideas, and new ways by which the PRCUA can get our young people more involved in our organization.

• 500 words or less.
• The contest is open to all PRCUA members, ages 16 to 35 years.
• Applicants must provide well developed ideas or events that will encourage themselves or their peers to want to become more involved in the PRCUA.
• Two age categories: 16 to 25 years & 26 to 35 years.
• One winner will be chosen in each age category.
• The winning essay will be judged by the Young Adult

Committee and winners will be announced at the Convention.

Let us know your thoughts on how PRCUA can best serve you and future generations!

  • Two prizes of $250.00 each will be awarded, one prize for each category.
  • The Committee reserves the right to reject essays that do not meet the criteria. The winning essay will be chosen from essays that are accepted; however, if none meet the criteria, the Committee will not pick a winner solely for the sake of the contest.
  • Name, address, contact information, and PRCUA Society number must be provided.
  • Deadline is August 1, 2018.

Submit your essays to: PRCUA Essay Contest, Dir. Elizabeth Sadus, 847 Marion Way, Chicago Hts., IL 60411 or by email to

Let Your Voice and Opinions Be Heard!Let Your Voice and Opinions Be Heard!

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