Dear PRCUA Members and Friends!

We wish you a Happy and Healthy 2022! It is hard to believe another year has passed by. The past year has tested us in many ways. Our country and the world have been divided into extremes with the ongoing pandemic. Rather than looking at the other side’s point of view, there is finger pointing and name calling, with no middle road available or taken.

As we progress into the upcoming year, we pray that COVID cases decrease and the population’s immunity develops. May we maintain our health and take care of our family and friends to assure that they are well. Resolve this year to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of what surrounds you. Maybe, if we take time to relax, all of us would become a little more tolerant of each other and bring the country closer again. We need to understand that everyone has a different perspective on subjects, be it political or religious. As a group of proud Americans of Polish descent, we should stand together and pray for peace and happiness for our country, our motherland and the world.

Remember to be proud of your heritage and instill that in your children, their children and their children. With your support and membership in the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, you help ensure that our culture will continue to thrive through Polish language and dance schools as well as the other cultural and fraternal events we sponsor throughout the year.

On behalf of the officers, directors and staff of the PRCUA, I wish you a happy and fruitful New Year! Remember, get involved, stay involved and get others involved!

Fraternally yours,

James Robaczewski
National President