In planning your child’s Polish language education or folk dance activities here in the United States, you may consider choosing one of the PRCUA’s sponsored schools or dance groups. Our organization subsidizes 25 Polish language and dance schools in four states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Nearly 1,200 children and young adults are taught the Polish language, folk dance, music, culture, history and traditions in these schools. A detailed list of PRCUA schools and dance groups can be found on this webpage under the Fraternal Programs tab.

For all of the young members and their parents who decide to become a member of the PRCUA, you will find not only that it offers great financial products (our life insurance portfolio is very competitive and provides a variety of both whole and term plans), but also a vast array of membership benefits.

One of them is the school tuition discount. To qualify for this benefit, you need to become a member and register to attend a PRCUA -subsidized Polish language or dance school. You may do so by taking advantage of our newest BACK TO SCHOOL 2020/2021 Life Insurance Special: 5-Year Limited Pay Whole Life Insurance certificate. This offer is available for students up to age 18, builds cash value and is available from August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

For more information please click here, contact your local PRCUA Sales Representative or call the Fraternal Department at 773.782.2636.