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Welcome to 2019 and the new PRCUA trademark – PRCUALife – protecting and securing life through all its stages. Planning for one’s future should not be a burden but “light as a feather,” and our PRCUALife Sales Department and its agents are ready, willing, and able to assist you in preparing a life insurance and retirement plan based on your financial strategy. With our new name comes a new look and our newest promotion: the PRCUALife Annuity PLUS Series.  By opening a new annuity or adding new money to an existing annuity, higher interest rates are available.  The PRCUALife Annuity PLUS Series includes:  the GOLD SERIES, an 8-year annuity at a rate of 3.75%; the SILVER SERIES, a 5-year annuity at a rate of 3.00%; and the BRONZE SERIES, a 3-year annuity at a rate of 2.25%.  A minimum balance of just $1,000 is needed and rates are guaranteed for 12 months.  This offer is valid until June 30, 2019. More information about our LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITY products can be found on our website  www.prcua.org or through our Sales, Marketing or Fraternal Departments.

The Polish Roman Catholic Union of America remains the oldest Polish fraternal organization in the United States.  For 146 years, the PRCUA has maintained strong ties to the Roman Catholic faith and love for Poland as well as strengthening its place in the Polish-American community. Founded in 1873, this dynamic and successful financial institution offers a vast array of life insurance and annuity products as well as numerous member benefits. In its unique mission, the PRCUALife is not only able to secure its members’ financial security, but also promotes Polish culture, traditions, and heritage.

A not – for – profit organization, PRCUA, is the home and main supporter of the Polish Museum of America and it subsidizes 23 dance and language schools around the nation.  PRCUA encourages the physical and social interaction of its members by organizing national tournaments in various sports disciplines, and supports the youth with scholarships and grants.  PRCUA has its own bilingual monthly newspaper, the “Naród Polski”, and publishes a variety of educational materials.  The PRCUA also sponsors festivals, picnics, concerts and other Polish-American events.

By protecting yourself and your family through PRCUALife products, you are connecting to our community and can take advantage of all the additional benefits that PRCUA provides.

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