SWCPD 34th Annual Recital

Congratulations to the Southwest Center of Polish Song and Dance on its 34th Annual Recital!

On Sunday, April 28, dancers from all age groups presented their talents on stage at Mother McAuley High School in Chicago. Wesoły Lud Polish Folk Dance Company performed as a special guest of the Center. In this long-standing tradition, young artists celebrated the end of the school year with this special performance, which gives them an opportunity to showcase their choreographic achievements and our beautiful Polish folklore. The audience greatly enjoyed and cheered on Mały Ludek, Wesoły Ludek, Ludziki, Krasnoludki, Młody Ludek, Wesoły Lud I and II. The program included dances and folk songs from Lublin, Nowy Sącz, Śląsk, Kaszuby, Górny Sląsk, Kurpie, Beskid, Kraków, Stara Warszawa as well as a performance of the American-style Polka. The big finale was the song “Niech Żyją Wakacje” (“Long Live Vacation!”) performed by all of the groups. During the recital, the Center also acknowledged its 5 and 10- year members.

Special thanks to: Anna Kraszewski-Winkler – Manager and School Director; Richard Jaminski – Artistic Director and Choreographer; all the dance instructors: Richard Jaminski, Michael Dziadkowiec, Danielle Kroplewski, Rene Kroplewski, Sylvia Kupiec and Camilla Steczek; and their assistants: Weronika Niedzielski, Kacper Kaczmarczyk and Ania Cieplucha.

Dancing in the Southwest Center of Polish Song and Dance is one of the many membership benefits offered by PRCUA. Call us to become a member and to request information about signing up to any of our dance groups.

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