Alleluja! Alleluja! Happy Easter! Happy Spring! What a glorious way to welcome the month of April! A time of hope and rebirth. At a time of continued uncertainty, we welcome Aprillus with open arms and its crisp fresh air, nurturing rain and warm sunshine. I am sure your Easter baskets will be filled with traditional Polish and American delicacies and your Easter table surrounded by your nearest and dearest. For over a year, our lives have been held captive by the coronavirus and although more and more of us are getting vaccinated, we realize with certainty that the new normal will be with us for a while longer. We may be moving about more (the traffic to and from work proves this), but caution is still our mantra with wearing masks, washing hands, and watching our distance. Of the lessons we have learned, one’s health and family are front and center; followed by being tech savvy (it’s never too late to learn); working remotely (or just connecting virtually); enjoying the outdoors (gardening has never been so much fun); literally being more flexible physically, mentally and emotionally. Involving us directly or indirectly, the global medical community worked together to achieve the impossible for the good of the entire world. Another significant outcome is the confirmation of the old adage “saving for a rainy day,” making saving money a priority in case of any emergency. Hopefully, a global pandemic will not plague this earth again, but we never imagined the entire world to stop in 2020? “Money is a medium of exchange; it allows people to obtain what they need to live.” (INVESTOPEDIA). So, what can we do about this? Just as we manage our lifestyle including diet, exercise, a healthy weight and sound sleep, so must we care for our financial health and well-being. Automatic payroll deductions are an easy way to accomplish this. PRCUALife and Sales staff is here to assist you whether your needs are for the present or the future. Afterall, PRCUALIfe protects life through all its stages. With the extension of the 2020 tax deadline, currently until May 17, 2021, we have also extended our annuity promotion.

The sounds of Frederic Chopin’s music once again filled the Great Hall of the Polish Museum of America during the “Painting Chopin” event, sponsored by the PRCUA and organized as part of the 2021 Chopin in the City Festival. It was one of the first events under the patronage of PRCUA since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020. We have truly missed our in-person cultural happenings! On Sunday, February 28, PRCUA hosted a limited group of young artists to take part in a live art-music event, which was held in compliance with all required safety protocols and virtually available to a wider audience. Inspired by the live convert by pianist, Svetlana Belsky, Chopin’s beautiful music was transformed onto the canvas by the young painters. A special guest of the “Painting Chopin” evening, James Robaczewski—Chairman of the Polish Museum of America and PRCUA President—spoke to the participants, who were interested in the history of the facility and its exhibits. We hope to be able to accommodate more people in the future.  See you next year!

On March 1, 2021, the Polish Museum of America together with the PRCUA hosted the annual Pulaski Day Program, this year held virtually. An impressive showcase of talent made the festivities memorable and paraphrasing Maria Pappas, Cook County Treasurer, “this was the best one to date!” Emceed by PMA President Richard Owsiany and PRCUA President/PMA Chair James Robaczewski, the program included singing, dancing, recitations and patriotic speeches. Even General Kazimierz Pulaski himself made an appearance and shared his thoughts (Mateusz Bomba on the picture below). PRCUA Polonia Ensemble added elegance with a stately Polonez.    .

Celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph (3/19), Rev. Andrzej Totzke, SChr, director of the Holy Trinity Polish Mission in Chicago, IL led the PRCUA and PMA Employees in prayer followed by sustenance. The luncheon was organized and prepared by my Chief of Staff, Conrad Wiecek, ably assisted by Anna Grabowski and Mateusz Bomba. Such events are cherished now more than ever.

Upcoming events are limited but there is “HOPE” as plans are in place for a virtual May Third Polish Constitution Parade, commencing with the selection of its Queen, Grand Marshal and Friend of Polonia on April 25 at a banquet with limited attendance and distancing guidelines in place. In next month’s issue, I will have more to report.

Fingers crossed for the 30th Anniversary of the Michigan State Ball which is tentatively scheduled for May 15 at the San Marino Club in Troy, Michigan. There are 13 lovely and handsome graduates from 7 PRCUA Michigan Dance Schools participating in this year’s event.

PRCUA Society 1031 is hosting this year’s PRCUA National Golf Tournament scheduled for July 23-25 in Laporte, Indiana. Dates changed back and forth but are now finalized for July 23-25, 2021 with details to follow in the next edition of the Naród Polski. We invite golfers and their fans to participate in this event where we will be able to meet outdoors, talk and have a laugh – all the while, mindful of our social distance and safety.

Congratulations to new Grandma, Nancy Latuszek-Golemo (former choreographer and dance instructor of Wisła Dancers, Zalipie Dance Ensemble, and the Southwest Center of Polish Song and Dance; also Wesoły Lud alumna) and Grandpa John on the birth of their first grandchild, Abigail Ann, March 22, 2021, and to the parents, Therese and Matt, as well as to the entire family (Great-Grandfather is Walter Latuszek). Please see the picture below.

Happy Birthday wishes to Sec-Treas. Agnieszka Bastrzyk (4/13), Joey Robaczewski (4/15), PMA President Richard Owsiany (April 24), IT Director Kevin Ryba (April 29) as well as my family and friends: Son-in-law Benjamin Pearson (4/2), B&G Committee Magdalena Panozzo (4/14), daughter Alina (4/15), and BFF Teresa Pazdziora (4/27). STO LAT to all those celebrating their April birthdays!

Until next time, stay healthy and safe!

Nancy Latuszek-Golemo with her granddaughter Abigail Ann


Mateusz Bomba as general Casimir Pulaski