2017 Coloring Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our coloring contest participants! This year saw 185 participants, each with a lively, colorful interpretation of Lech and the White Eagle. The entries were judged anonymously by the PRCUA Home Office Staff.

This years winners were:
Katarzyna Lucas (1st Place for ages 3-5)
Mia Prusaczyk (2nd Place for ages 3-5)
Helena Lucas (Tied for 1st Place for ages 6-8)
Jan Klepacki (Tied for 1st Place for ages 6-8)
Izabela Jankech ( 2nd Place for ages 6-8)
Aleksandra Wozniak (1st Place for ages 9-12)
Evelyn Matson (2nd Place for ages 9-12)
Brendan Lubiarz (1st Place for ages 13-15)
Elise Lubiarz (2nd Place for ages 13-15)
Laurain Matson (1st Place for ages 15-18)
Joey Smigiel ( 2nd Place for ages 15-18)

Thank you to all our talented artists! We look forward to seeing your entries next year.

1st Place for the 3-5 Category – Katarzyna Lucas

2nd Place for the 3-5 Category – Mia Prusaczyk

Tied for 1st Place for the 6-8 Category – Helena Lucas

Tied for 1st Place for the 6-8 Category – Jan Klepacki

2nd Place for the 6-8 Category  – Izabela Janech

1st Place for the 9-12 Category – Aleksandra Wozniak

2nd Place for the 9-12 Category – Evelyn Matson

1st Place for the 13-15 Category – Brandon Lubiarz

2nd Place for the 13-15 Category  –  Elise Lubiarz

1st Place for the 15-18 Category  –  Laurain Matson

2nd Place for the 15-18 Category  –  Joey Smigiel

Congratulations again to our artists on a job well done!

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