537 graduates of Polish language schools in the Chicagoland area gathered on January 25th during the traditional Studniówka Ball, organized this year at the Drury Lane Banquet Hall by St. Ferdinand Polish Catholic School. The Studniówka, or “Hundred Days” Ball, takes place 100 days prior to the end of the students’ final year of Polish school and is a formal marking of this final period of their Polish language education. This year, the PRCUA was represented at the Studniówka by Secretary-Treasurer Agnieszka Bastrzyk, who presented monetary awards to several graduates. The lucky raffle winners were Karolina Gal of the St. John Paul II Polish School and Kacper Bakun of the St. Jacob Catholic Polish Language School.

One of the highlights of the elegant evening was the dancing of the Polonaise, performed by the graduates of St. Ferdinand’s Polish School and choreographed by Jacklyn Krysinski, dance instructor of the PRCUA Polonia Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. This same energetic group also presented an upbeat swing dance during the artistic segment of the event.

The PRCUA wishes to congratulate the graduates of all the participating Polish language schools, but particularly those of our PRCUA-sponsored schools: St. John Paul II Polish School, Maria Konopnicka Polish School and Jan Karski Polish School.

Graduates: You are our pride and our future! We wish you many successes! We hope you will return and support your schools and Polonian organizations with your talents and fresh ideas!